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Roxio Toast 11 Titanium for Mac
The Complete DVD & Blu Ray solution for Mac Users.

This is the ultimate DVD and Video tool for Mac users. This software has 7 apps under one roof. Now anyone can Burn DVD's, Create DVD's, Copy DVD's, Convert DVD's, Convert Video for Apple gadgets, and more....

  • DVD Burner/Creator
  • Video Editor
  • DVD Copying
  • Video to DVD Creator
  • DVD Ripping
  • Online Video Download
  • Video Converter (All formats)
  • 30 Day $ Back Guarantee!
(After Coupon Code) or Upgrade for $59.99

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Review of Roxio Toast 11 for Mac

Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

Product: Roxio Toast 11 Titanium for Mac
My Rating:5 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By:
Review Date: 2012-2-5

"One of the more complete video and DVD burning suites for Mac users."

Tech Specs: Mac OSX 10.4 and higher also supported on 10.7 Lion.
Price: $99 - ($79 after instant rebate)
File Size: 115 MB

Roxio's Toast software line has always been the def acto standard for DVD Burning on Mac platforms. These days, Toast has broadened outside of that purpose and has dove head first into being a total media (Video/Audio) solution. For example, the previous versions of Toast 10 included the ability to rip DVD clips from unprotected DVD movies and download and convert Flash video including YouTube videos, capture and convert AVCHD video from HD camcorders, convert audio books into MP3, and transfer video to a TiVo enabled DVR box.

The latest version of Toast, now in version 11 they have added a few major changes such as a new UI (user interface), and a very welcome tutorial area which includes how to videos on completing one of the dozens of projects you can create. In addition Toast 11 now supports burning to multiple burners at the same time, subtitle support and hardware assisted video processing for faster conversion speeds up to 4x faster.

Toast 11 still includes the many bundled apps which help round out your disc burning and media editing needs. These apps are: Disc Cover 3 (Disc labeling software), Disc Catalog Maker (organize your audio library), Mac2TiVo (send your video to a TiVo DVR), the brother TiVo Transfer ( capture video from a TiVO box ), Get Backup 2 ( Mac backup software), and an updated version of Spin Doctor.

BurnWorld Rating for features: 5 of 5


Here is what is improved in Toast 11

Installer and Updating

Installing Toast 11 from the disc or direct download is pretty straightforward. Just run the installer file to install the entire entourage of software packages included. This is done over the more traditional 'drag to Applications' function that you may be more used to for other applications. A welcome addition to the package is the included Updates feature that will automatically update any additional versions with the click of the button, instead of manually logging into Roxio's site and downloading each individual updater separately. This is taking advantage of the Sparkle update feature.

What's New in the user interface

One of the most common complaints with Toast was the overwhelm the UI provided. Toast does so many different tasks it was hard to figure out what to do first and once you did figure it out there was no direction on how to complete the burning task. Now there is a welcome Tutorials area which included videos on how to start, configure, and complete any said task. Also included are PDF manuals with screen shots that take you by the hand and walk you through each step.

Toast 11 Tutorials

In addition to the helpful aids the new UI layout is much more organized by making each project type it's own category and listing the corresponding project types within the category. You can also adjust the default setting for all projects easily from the main window. The general categories to choose from are for (Data, Video, Copy, Convert, and Audio) which are displayed neatly across the top of the software for easy navigation. Take a look at the screenshot below for the new and improved Toast 11 UI.

Roxio Toast UI

What you don't see in the screenshot is the new 'Assistant' Window which lays out common project types with their descriptions and the Advanced view which will display all burning/converting projects.

New Video Features in Toast 11

You can now choose video formats supported by major cell phones including the iPhone 4, Android Powered phones, and Windows Media phones. This makes converting video into these formats a no brainer. Also supported are the file types for major online video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Now you can easily convert that home video and upload to your video sharing sites with a few mouse clicks. Another nice touch has to do with being social. After the software uploads the video you can specify if you want it to also Tweet the link to alert the world of your new work of art. The one drawback of this video feature that that Toast only lets you crop the video, you can't add other video clips to it. So this is only useful if you only care about the current clip.

There is a new VideoBoost function now integrated in Toast 11. This is basically a setting that will utilize your Nvidia graphic card and speed up your MP4 video conversion by up to 4x. If your hardware has this built on the option will display for you in the Player window. This is comparable to the Elgato Turbo.264 USB stick.

Another welcome addition is the video scheduler which will allow you to schedule heavy video conversions at a specified time, say after you done working. I find this very useful and have found myself using this over the other improvements so far.

Audio improvements

Toast 11 has finally added CD disc spanning to it's lineup. Another very welcome addition lets you create a music burning project where you can load as many audio tracks you want to a project and if the total size equally more than a single disc, it will automatically ask you for another disc once the first disc is full. This also works for any type of burning project such as backing up digital photos.

There is an updated version of Spin Doctor or SDX which has added the ability to record any audio that you can hear from your speakers. So if you have certain sounds you want to capture from another software or an online radio stream, Spin Doctor will capture that and convert it to mp3 for ya. This software is ideal for Napster or Pandora listeners, just play and capture. After the recording is done you can connect to Gracenote to identify the songs and apply the proper id tags.

Other Notable Improvements in Toast 11

It's finally nice to see multiple burner support. Now you can write to 2 or more drives at once burning the same project. This will dramatically cut down burning time if you need to create a stackful of the same image. However after some test results it recommended to only stick to 2 drives, whether it's the internal burner and a USB burner or 2 USB burners.
Selecting multiple recorders for simultaneous burning.

Also improved is the DVD clip extraction feature which lets you select certain clips from DVD movies to rip to your hard drive.


Toast 11 Titanium costs $100 without the rebate, and owners of Toast 10 can upgrade to Toast 11 for $60.

BurnWorld's Final Verdict

Despite some rough edges, Toast 11 is a very nice upgrade from Toast 10. The simplified interface makes the software easier to work with, and the Sparkle framework makes it more convenient to update. For a full multi media suite of tools Toast 11 has by far the most all in one package.


Description from the Developer

System Requirements
  • MAC OS X 10.5 or above;
  • 1GHz Intel processor or above;
  • At least 512M physical RAM
Publisher: Roxio
Date updated: June 6 , 2011
File size: 23MB
License: Full $79.95 (After Coupon Code) or Upgrade for $59.99
Minimum requirements: OS X v10.4.8 or higher
Uninstaller included?: Yes
BurnWorld Ratings :
Overall: (5 of 5)
Features: (5 of 5)
Ease of Use: (5 of 5)
Value for Money: (5 of 5)


Video Review of Toast 11

Pros & Cons of Toast 11

One of the only Blu-Ray authoring tools for Mac users.

Works with CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, video, photos, audio.

Easy to follow user interface. Gets you to what you want to do quickly.

All tools included to work with any of your digital content.

Does not support copy protected DVD's or Blu-Ray's without a 3rd party plugin.

Not a truly professional editing suite but for the majority of us we are not looking to product the next Titanic.

Feedback on Roxio Toast 11

Send me your questions or feedback if you have any.



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