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DVD-Cloner 3 for Mac OSX

DVD-Cloner 3 for Mac

The best selling DVD copy software for Windows is now available for Mac users. Version 3 adds better DVD movie support as well as faster backup times.

  • Duplicate DVDs
  • Single & Double Layer DVDs Supported
  • Shrink To Fit On 1 DVD
  • Rip To Hard Disk
  • Supported on OSX Lion
  • 30 Day $ Back Guarantee!


My Experience on Using DVD Cloner for Mac

Rob Boirun BurnWorld Reviewer

Product: DVD Cloner 3 for Mac
My Rating:5 Star Rating: Recommended
Reviewed By: Software Expert
Review Date: 2012-4-15

"DVD Cloner for Mac is by far the easiest and fastest ways to backup and duplicate a DVD movie for Mac OSX users. Now works on OSX Lion."

Tech Specs: Mac OSX 10.5 and higher also supported on 10.7 Lion.
Price: $59.99
File Size: 15 MB

The Best for the Mac:

DVD Cloner for Mac is a great DVD software program. It has all the features you need and is simple and easy to use. The simplicity of the design and menu make creating copies of your DVDs fast and easy. However despite the apparent simplicity, the program is very powerful. The advanced technology available in the DVD Cloner for Mac 2 can make perfect copies of just about any movie. It is a great program for making backup copies of your DVDs. DVD cloner for Mac makes the burning and ripping process simple. This software program has advanced transcoding technology that optimizes picture quality, and includes the capability to decrypt various copy protections, including region codes, CSS encryption and Sony ARCCOS protection. The current copying options found in this software include the following:

  • Burn an exact replica from the original DVD-9 to DVD-9 copying (Dual Layer Disc)
  • Split a Dual Layer DVD-9 into two Single Layer DVD-5 discs
  • Compress a dual layer disc into a single layer but losing on quality
  • Movie only copy. Keeping quality but removing the extras on the original.

Features of DVD Cloner for Mac

There are many popular functions that people look for in a reliable Mac DVD copy software application. Some may want to copy a movie without the trailers and extra features, or combine two DVDs onto one disc. Others may just want to backup movies from a personal collection.  This program will cover anyone’s needs.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 3 screenshotDVD cloner for Mac is a powerful program that is also surprisingly easy to use. The wizard-interface guides you through the 5 step process. First thing is choosing the source and project, for example copying a DVD movie to DVDR or two DVD movies to a DVDR DL, or burning a hard disk movie to DVDR. The second step is to choose the copy mode. DVD-9 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5s, movie only copy or custom copy. Then you just confirm the copy configuration and allow the software to read, rip, trans code and burn the DVD.  If you are not sure what all these terms refer to have no fear because you don’t need a PHD to copy a disc.  For best results just input your disc and choose the Movie Only copy option.  This will copy the movie only from the original and keep the best quality.

One of the best features in DVD-Cloner for Mac is something you will never see or have to configure, this is the error correction function. Basically some DVD movies have garbage code encoded on the disc to prevent copying, the automatic error correction in the software will bypass this for you without having to intervene with the process. Also, if your original DVD is somewhat scuffed up this program will fix it automatically. This is an excellent feature for anyone who is backing up their DVD movies. This program will also allow you to make copies of your home videos or other movies that are in a file on your computer.  This allows you to share your home movies with friends and family through DVD player rather than a limited computer monitor.

Another feature this program possesses is the ability to create custom copies.  This lets you select in detail what content will be on the disc. For example, you can keep a widescreen version of the movie and cut the full screen version, or you can lose the special features.  A great thing about this feature is that as you cut the content, the compression required to burn lessens which will increase the quality.

This program will fit any compression needs you may have.  Typically all movies that you buy or rent are larger than 4.7 GB in size so compression is a must. DVD Cloner for Mac can compress dual layer DVDs onto one blank.  It is able to achieve this without a striking loss in quality.  For the best quality and less compression use the movie only option, this will eliminate extra features and trailers.

Overall DVD Cloner for Mac has an immense amount of features to please advanced users while at the same time easy enough for a beginner to benefit from.

Output Formats Supported

Now that you know that the DVD cloner for Mac has great features, you are going to need to put your copies on blank discs.  The great thing about this software and its main function is that your original DVDs stay safe while the copies get used and worn with scratches. The DVD Cloner for Mac will fit your copies onto two DVD5s, which is the typical blank DVD sold in most large chain stores. Another option available is to put your DVD copies onto a single DVD9.  This format is more expensive, but the benefit is that you have fewer discs to keep. Due to the decryption of region codes it is also possible to switch movies from the media storage system usually used in the Americas, NTSC, to PAL, which is used elsewhere around the globe.

DVD Cloner for Mac supports burning to all the standard DVD media, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW (as well as dual layer discs).

Ease of Use

If you are looking for the easiest Mac DVD copy software to use and install, then DVD-Cloner for Mac is for you. It is a very clear-cut program, and the interface is uncomplicated while powerful.  It also can boast of an impressive speed at ripping, transcoding and burning DVDs.

Help & Support

The only help that we found was on the main sites support page where they offered a handful of FAQ's for the most common problems. To get real help you need to use their email support which I found to be acceptable. I received a response within 24 hours which is pretty common for this size of a company. I asked a typical question like " This DVD failed to copy, what can I do?" and they seem to have a textbook answer for most of these questions and it was to the point and resolved my issue.


 The DVD Cloner for Mac is a powerful yet simple to use.  It is the best DVD copy software for Mac.  It is a flexible, usable, and high quality software program. Whether you are backing up your DVD collection, ripping DVD movies to your hard drive, or making hard copies of your home movies, the DVD Cloner for Mac can handle all with ease.

Screenshots of DVD Cloner for Mac

  • DVD Cloner for Mac 2 User Interface

    Main Screen

    From the main screen you choose what type of DVD project to make the backup from.

Description from the Developer

System Requirements
  • MAC OS X 10.5 or above;
  • 1GHz Intel processor or above;
  • At least 512M physical RAM


Video of DVD Cloner for Mac

This was the only video I could find online for this software. I'll be making one showing the overall usage soon, but for now the video is basically a recap of the features of the software.

Pros & Cons of DVD Cloner for Mac

Overall this multimedia software from Wondershare meets all of my needs when it comes to manipulating my audio and video files. This all in one tool is brilliant for working with copy protected DVD content and DRM music files (something you will not find in boxed software sitting on store shelves).

Fastest and most reliable DVD backups..

You control the backup. DVD9 - DVD5, DVD5 - DVD 5, DVD9 - DVD9, or simple copy the DVD to your hard drive for discless movie playback in iTunes..

Does not support Blu-Ray, heck neither does Apple.

Does not backup data to a DVD. So no burning discs of your digital photos as a backup, unless you want to make a video slideshow of them. This is strictly for multi-media formats.

User Reviews on DVD Cloner for Mac

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