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DVD Burning on your Mac can be a simple and fun project if you have the right set of burning apps on your OSX machine. I only reviewed a few products because they are all good solutions that got the jobs done and did them well. Made my life easier! :) Depending on your burning needs there are two options I would recommend.

  1. 1) If you want to create, copy, rip, or convert video or DVD's then go with Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate..

  2. 2) If your looking for data/video/audio/photo burning then Roxio Toast is the one to go with. Really both are everything you would need if you want to call yourself a Burning Freak. :)

Mac DVD Burning Software

Deciding on the best Mac DVD burning software can be a daunting task if you are not sure what to look for. There are plenty of different functions each one provides, and you may be only in the market for a few burning functions or you may want additional features. Since we at BurnWorld love burning software and our Mac's we have put together a small list of what each of the burning features means to help you determine what you want to accomplish. The way we determined what the best DVD burning applications are, we had to adopt a few rating criteria's which we outline below.


Many of the standard features that you would expect to find in Mac DVD burning software, will allow you create a backup copy of all varieties types of files including data files, digital photos, camcorder videos, and copies of physical discs like DVD movies, Audio CD's, and more. The most requested feature is the ability to copy commercial DVD movies. Please note that doing this for monetary gain is illegal and could get you into major trouble. But with new copyright laws, many home users are now making a single copy of a disc for backup purposes. You can check out our reviews on Mac DVD Copy Software if you want to learn more about this topic.

Almost all DVD software available today offer users with helpful walkthroughs and guides to get you up to speed on creating more advanced DVD discs. Projects like this include creating DVD movies from camcorder video, creating DVD disc menus, or creating a backup schedule for your most important files. For this you would want to take advantage of using a DVD Creator software.

Every DVD burning program includes a number of cool features. Smaller app's like DVD Cloner for Mac will only copy DVD movies while Roxio Toast is a full fledged DVD Burning suite of tools that will allow you to create DVD movies, convert DVD videos to other formats for your iPod or iPad, and numerous other features that you will probably need to use in the future. Just be sure the look at each software's feature list to determine if the function you need is listed.

Input & Output Formats

It is important to keep in mind the types of video formats that you want to end up with in the long run. Do you want to create a DVD movie for your home player? Do you want to have a video format that is compatible with Apple TV or your iPod, iPhone, or iPad? Most of today's software will support all the necessary formats that you require, which takes the guesswork out of the equation by just giving you the necessary tools to do the job. Utilizing a DVD Ripper for the Mac will convert to the necessary file type specific for your apple gadget.

Easy of Use

Depending on your skill level with using Video/DVD software you will want to find a software app that is suitable for your experience with this type of media. The most advanced software that we reviewed was Toast from Roxio, this offers the most features for burning to DVD and converting video. While the other software that we rated were for the most part single function apps which did one specific project type and did them well. Experience level using these types of software is focused on the beginner with easy to use tools and step-by-step instructions.

Help & Support

There's a strong possibility that you will require assistance with a few of the more challenging or unknown options that come with the DVD burning software. So if you're a new comer to burning DVDs, you're virtually guaranteed to need assistance with something as you go along. Most major brands will offer good support of there burning software. A few like Roxio will offer e-mail support along with a help forum and phone support.

No matter if you're burning copies of your wedding day videos or creating a backup copy of your favorite DVD disks, DVD burning software is usually a fantastic way to manage, share or protect some of your chosen digital files.

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